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Introduction Post

Hello my name is KoTaro, I like Japanese things, I live in the Philippines I'm 16yrs old (but 12 inside)*childish

Tomorrow is a big day~

Tommorow will be The Senbatsu Election..YAY! I hope my Oshimens will be on Senbatsu...

And AKB48's newest Team, Team 4!!! Congratulations~ YAY 4 Mini Skirt!!!~ Oba MINA!!!~

In other Fandom,
I just join a community called hsj_ratings  and there you will see... Me!!~ my REAL FACE XD


.....this Post was just .....BORING  XD

Pimp Post for Aamin!!!!!~

        Maeda (Sato*), Ami
Born on June 1, 1995 in Tokyo,Japan. .She is Promoted in July 27,2010 to be a part of Akb48's team A .
She is the ace of 4th generation.          
Click Here for more about Maeda Ami....Collapse )

3rd Senbatsu Election Icon~


This images are not mine.. there from blog48 . There are 30 AKB icon(Team A =12, Team K and B = Both 6,
Team RS = 2) Plus Matsui Rena Icon
Comment is LOVE ♥
More Icon Here.....Collapse )

Mariko's awesomeness and Picspam~

My sister, want me to post this (If you're a AKB fan you will know what episode is this)

Hidarime Tantei-desu~ XD

and picspam from akb documentary websiteCollapse )

HaPpY bIrThDaY rYuTaRo!!!!!

I just made a Birthday banner for ryuu~

And a special Fanvid that I made, I sure you will like this.......

hereCollapse )

Yatsuiko and kotaro's first radio show XD

watch this and we will make money XD

this is my first time editing and this is my first time doing a radio show~
Tnx toyatsuiko_chan  and to nightbaron079